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4 Tools to Make Your Cakes 4x Better in 2021

Are you looking to make better cakes in 2021? Here are 4 of the best cake tools that you need in your kitchen:

Wilton's Bake Even Strips

Creating perfectly flat layers is hard, unless you have Wilton's Bake Even Strips: the secret to level layers. Simply fit to size, soak the fabric bands in cold water, and wrap to create smooth tops ready to stack. The bands regulate the temperature so the whole cake cooks evenly - a major hiccup in cake baking. With these strips, meticulously removing the dome becomes obsolete, plus, who doesn't like satisfying perfection?

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Wilton's Icing Smoother

Wilton's Icing Smoother is an essential item in every kitchen. Smoothing icing shouldn't be a lengthy process, and that would be true if icing smoothers didn't exist. What makes Wilton's icing smoother special is the engineered hand grip for a comfortable use, high-quality stainless steel that would last a lifetime, and the large blade that is safe and able to smooth large cakes. If you like to make cakes than this is a must have.

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Wilton's Icing Comb Set

Wilton's Icing Comb Set is crucial to create perfect designs along your cake. The set contains 3 pieces with unique designs on both sides, whether that is waves, ridges, or swirls.

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Wilton's Master Decorating Tip Set - 55 Piece

Stuck with the same, boring dollops? The Wilton's Master Tip Set is a game changer when it comes to cake making. Each set includes 55 tips: petals, stars, dots, and even spirals!

Take your cakes to the next level with Wilton's Master Decorating Tip Set - 55 Piece at the lowest price in New Zealand