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iDye Poly (Dye 100% polyester and nylon)--Black - A Plus Craft

iDye Poly (Dye 100% polyester and nylon)--Black

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iDye Poly (Dye 100% polyester and nylon)--Black

Brand name: Jacquard 

Net WT: 14g per packet 

Available colours:

Black, Silver Grey , Violet, Lilac, G n metal. 
Pink, Crimson, Orange, Golden Yellow, Blue. 
Brown, Red, Green, Kelly Green, Turquoise 
iDye Poly is for dyeing polyester and nylon fabrics, and it has never been easier! iDye's self-dissolving packet eliminates the handling of messy powders. Just fill a stainless steel or enamel pot with the recommended amount of water, add an iDye packet and the included Colour Intensifier, add a pre-wetted garment, place the pot over high heat, stir until the iDye is dissolved, and continue to stir frequently. Approximately 1/2 to 1 hour. One packet dyes 2 to 3 pounds of fabric. Utensils and pot for dyeing should not be used for food. 
iDye Poly isn't just for polyester fabric! This is a dye that can be used on 
polyesters, nylons, and even some plastics! Use iDye Poly to color discs or Frisbees, RC 
car components, 3D printed objects, action figures, cellphone cases, polycarbonate 
plastic objects and more. Use it to dye blended fabrics or to color just the polyester 
threads in your garment. iDye Poly may also be used for sublimation printing, which is 
a very cool application.

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