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Jacquard iDye Poly 14g - 16 Colours

Jacquard iDye Poly 14g - 16 Colours

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iDye Poly is virtually the only dye that will colour polyester. In fact, it will colour almost anything synthetic, including plastics and nylons, buttons, frisbee discs, Worbla & Thibra, 3D printed objects, toys, dolls, wigs, cleats, urethane coatings and more. The dye comes in a dissolvable packet, so there are never any messy powders to handle: simply drop the packet in a pot of water, add the fabric or objects and bring to a simmer.

  • 16 colours available: black, blue, brown, crimson, golden yellow, green, gun metal, kelly green, lilac, orange, pink, red, silver grey, turquoise, violet, and yellow
  • Easy to use colour powders to create vibrant colours
  • Net weight: 14g

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